Competent for you

We support you in all phases of your life. Our legal advice in family and inheritance law is provided to you alone or, upon request, in a setting together with other parties. We analyse your individual situation and competently assist you in planning, regulating and safeguarding your life’s stages, goals and decisions. In case of a dispute, we can represent you as lawyers or be available to you as mediators.


For good times

Be it within a marriage, a same-sex partnership, a patchwork family, in cohabitation: It makes sense to be aware of potential conflicts beforehand and to find arrangements that provide security for both sides and reconcile all interests in the best possible way. We advise you in shaping contracts for cohabitation, marriage, registered partnership or inheritance, as well as in family law risk management.

For bad times

Clashes are a part of our lives. We support you out of and in court, so that you won’t end up with a pile of shards. We offer consultation and litigation in case of separation, divorce or the break-up of a same-sex partnership. Needless to say, we also advise you in working out an amicable solution.

For you and your children

Small children, small worries; big children, big worries – or vice versa?

We advise you in all issues concerning your children. Be it an acknowledgment of paternity, an adoption, questions concerning custody, care and residence or the calculation of child support payments.

For your assets

Who gets the house? What happens to my company? We make things clear and protect your assets. This includes careful planning in advance, as well as choosing the right form of ownership when buying real estate. Investing in a business needs to be well thought out too, and we will help you in finding the best solution for you. In doing so, we consider the risk of a premature break-up of your relationship as well as inheritance and tax law aspects.

For future generations

»Foresight« is the best word to describe it: Only those who make a succession plan in due time need not worry about it. Who gets what? What about the legal portion of mutual or premarital children? And are there good solutions for patchwork families? We consult you competently and support you in creating a tailor-made succession plan, for instance a will or an inheritance contract. As your executors, we ensure that your assets will be placed according to your wishes. In case of a dispute, we represent your interests as heir.

For international cases

Securities in London? A holiday house on the Côte d'Azur? A spouse from the USA? Expat? If any of these sound familiar to you, you have come to the right place. Proceedings in Switzerland often deal with matters related to foreign countries, and vice versa. We understand the relationships in international family constellations and are well connected with experts abroad.